21. March 2019
How do we react to horrible events on Social Media - are we being our best selves?

07. December 2018
2019 Visualisation This visualisation will help you to explore the possibilities that the new year offers.

31. August 2018
Once upon a time, as all good stories start, a young man from a small town, won a scholarship to a prestigious university. He was a smart cookie and had worked hard. As a result he now had the opportunity of a lifetime. A degree from this University would change his life, propelling him into the realms that he dreamed off. He waited at the bus stop with his packed bag. The bus came. The bus went. He didn’t get on the bus. At that moment the fear of the new life outweighed his desires and he...

15. May 2018
How to improve your response to stress: A four step process based on scuba diving and neuroscience.

18. April 2018
What can you do about your own pay gap? Here are some strategies to get the pay that you deserve!

13. March 2018
This February I decided to do a reset – create some healthy new habits and stop a few things that weren’t good for me.

22. February 2018
Do you want to get started on something that is important to you? Here is my TEDx talk from 2017 - how to get started, how to make progress, and how to deal with whatever happens!

06. November 2017
Do you ever get the feeling that you are <just> surviving, - that you are so focussed on the things that you <need> to do rather than what you want to do - that you’ve lost touch with those things that bring you joy in life - that you start each day tired and end up exhausted - that you’re not taking care of yourself But… there is a better way. 7 Quick steps to a healthier You

24. August 2017
My summer adventure was the Camino – walking 140 kms from Oia to Santiago de Compostela in Spain, following in the track of countless pilgrims, spiritual searchers, adventure seekers and tourists. Like many who have experienced the Camino before me I learned a lot about myself and about life.

I had damaged my knee badly and for a couple of years I could not climb stairs without pain, running was not possible.  I was finally referred to a specialist who helped me by working on the cause of my problem not the symptoms. I started a regular exerci
14. July 2017

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