2024 - Course Correction

Every year I pick a word or theme for the year.


This year my theme is course correction. Maybe it’s because I’ve just had a birthday ;-)


I’ve been thinking about whether I am “on track” to be where I want to be. And, while I don’t think I am off track, there is some trimming and tacking to ensure that I have the quality of life that I want in the present as well as to put in place the foundations for the type of life I want in the future. What do I want to continue, start, stop or improve?


Some research, see reference below, indicates that the key pillars of a good and healthy life are:

·      Sleep

·      Sunlight

·      Movement

·      Nutrients

·      Relationships (including self)           


For me I would also add

·      A mindfulness practice

·      A sense of purpose & meaning

·      Learning and growth


And I’m sure there are more to add ;-)


The questions that I asked myself, and that you may want to ask yourself are:

·      What are the things that keep me healthy – physically, mentally and socially?

·      What do I want my life to look like

o   Now

o   Next year

o   In 5 years

·      Are there some course corrections that I would like to make, both for my current and future self?

·      What will support me to create new habits or stop old unhealthy habits?


Wishing you a wonderful 2024 and beyond


With love