Leadership Assessment Workshop for Business Women

Where: freiraum München, Saarstr. 5, 80797 München

When: 19/04/18 19:00 – 21:30


Do you have the drive and desire to become a great leader?


As we progress in our careers we move into leadership roles, whether that is classical management and executive roles or thought leadership – our role is to provide the inspiration that takes us, our colleagues and our organisation to the next level.
Often people are promoted into these roles without fully understanding the different skill sets required to be successful. The so called “Peter Principle” where people rise to their level of incompetence can be seen in many organisations.  People fail simply because they do not recognise or develop the different skills required at the next level.


Do you enjoy the challenge of learning and developing yourself and are you are fully committed to being successful? If you are self-aware then you know that there are aspects of your leadership style that work well, and there are others that you would like to improve.


This workshop provides an opportunity to look at the various domains of leadership and to assess yourself against them. It helps you to be aware of where you are doing well and to identify areas where you can grow as an individual and as a leader.







The interactive workshop will cover the following leadership domains:

    • Self Management and Emotional Intelligence
    • Social and Relationship Systems Intelligence
    • Management
    • Strategy and Innovation
    • Leadership

We will also go into some of the key Core Competencies required to be successful in any role.