The Joys of Playing it Safe and Small

Once upon a time, as all good stories start, a young man from a small town, won a scholarship to a prestigious university. He was a smart cookie and had worked hard. As a result he now had the opportunity of a lifetime. A degree from this University would change his life, propelling him into the realms that he dreamed off.


He waited at the bus stop with his packed bag.

The bus came.

The bus went.

He didn’t get on the bus.


At that moment the fear of the new life outweighed his desires and he chose to stay in the small town and to stay safe and small.

He married a woman who had no real ambitions, and together they kept each other small. Her speciality was monochromatic meals – mashed potatoes, cauliflower and fish, without even a sprig of parsley.

They raised 2 children who also played it safe – always feeling that they deserved more from life, but never willing to really put in the effort or take the risk of failing.

As his life went on, other buses came and went and he ignored them – it was too late and he was too stuck. Playing small and safe was all that he knew.


In our lives buses come and go, opportunities abound, if we are open to them.

Sure its scary to get on the bus, its risky to try new things, to want to become more than we are, to dare to believe that we can have an amasing life.


But it sure is better than the alternative…

Where are you playing safe or small?

How could your life be better, more fulfilling by playing outside of your comfort zone. What difference could you make to your family, your friends, your company, your community, and the world if you stepped into your power?


Isn’t it time to believe in yourself and to seize your true destiny?



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