Honoured to be included in @Influence Digest Media's list of top coaches in Munich in 2021.

As a Mentor Coach, Chrys helped me to become more aware of how I show up as a coach and work on some limiting beliefs. The sessions were her were insightful and deep and also practical. I highly recommend Chrys.


Sylvain Mahe

Coach ACC


Chrys embraces the unique combination of professionalism, directness as well as playfulness and always radiates a positive energy. With her depth and high commitment she accompanied me along my way to become a professional coach aligned with who I really am. I am very grateful for her support during this important chapter in my life.


Kristin von Lüdinghausen

Coach ACC, CPCC Zurich



"My own personal Lioness"

Entrepreneur, Digital Creative Consultant

Founder: wearethescoop





Coach, Counsellor, Inspirational Speaker, Entrepreneur, Vedic Astrology, Vedic Psychology

Founder: The Soul LighthouseCoach Automator

Speaker: The Speakers Arena



Chrys helped me to uncover my biggest strength: authenticity. She helped me to get rid of my limiting beliefs, and showed me the way to become a great leader. She is both a professional and a great person. Her happiness, positivity and strategy to empower people, and in particular me, are remarkable.




CEO Develop Diverse

Chrys facilitated a workshop with my team to support us through a time of change.  She was well-prepared and in tune with the needs of the group.  She provided the right structure yet was flexible to adapt to what the group needed at the time.  Chrys’ calming presence and approachable personality allows her to be successful in gaining trust and in steering the group.




Senior Director Programs, EMEA 


Chrys accompanied me in a long lasting phase of high pressure.

She was very present to me and coached me truly in the moment on what I needed most.

Her coaching helped me to have a clear picture on my relationships and my vision of who and where I want to be. I left each session with her refreshed, focused, and with a new power of self.

Truly grateful to find such a life affirming and courageous coach - I will engage her for sure in future topics.



Project Manager and Career Coach in adult education / public sector

Geekettes: Leadership event 


Chrys held a leadership self-assessment workshop for the Munich Geekettes, with a crowd of 100 people. Her excitement was immediately contagious! She took the group on a journey of self-reflection in a safe space and facilitated lively discussions. We loved her workshop and are looking forward to applying the suggested techniques in the future.



Steffi, Dora, Mari (Geekettes Munich Ambassadors)

Geekettes Munich



Leadership Assessment workshop:

Participants Evaluations and Feedback:


  • open, friendly and cooperative, very good overview
  • encouraging and motivating trainer
  • made me really think about my strengths and weakness
  • exceeded my expectations
  • good examples to make in clearer
  • valuable exchange of information with others

Chrys has absolutely helped me manage my anxiety and fears. She was able to shed light on some of my questions and has always been cordial and polite. I felt that during our sessions that I am in a safe room where I can express myself freely without the fear of being judged. Thank you so much Chrys for being my coach, you have been instrumental to my growth as a human being.




I would like to thank you for what you have done for me, you changed my life, gave me the insight to see things can be changed.  I will be forever thankful.



South Africa

When we first met I felt like I had arrived Home - it was Chrys's unusual combination of strength and warmth. Later when I had a perfect storm in my life and had lost the connection with myself she gave me just the right kick so that I could find myself again. And even more, she showed me the beauty of being different I had always tried to hide. I have never ending respect for her.


Elen Väin


Coach and Consultant