IS Coaching for me?

I believe that everyone can benefit from Coaching.

It is especially relevant for you if...

  • You really want to go for your dreams – and to realise them faster and more effectively
  • You want to speed up your career progression
  • You want to be a better leader
  • You are finding it difficult to find the balance between work and life
  • You have one or more areas in your life which you wish to transform
  • You feel stuck or blocked and don't know how to move forwards
  • There are situations in your life where you feel you are not aligned with your values
  • You are in the middle of, or facing, a life transition
  • You are having difficulty making an important decision
  • You are facing a challenging situation
  • You are seeking more personal development
  • You find yourself deeply affected by some situations and want to "toughen up" or be more resilient
  • You want to feel more confident and empowered


The Co-Active Coaching approach begins with the premise that each one of us is naturally creative, resourceful and whole.


The best long term results are obtained where we are both committed to the Coaching process. Through one-on-one interactions, we work together to unlock your unique strengths. I will ask powerful questions to help you clarify your values, find what you really want in life, what is important to you, what motivates you, and what are your needs, fears and desires, in order to evoke transformation.


These conversations are built on trust, respect, openness, compassion, empathy and a commitment to speak the truth.


You take time out from the "busy-ness" of your life to focus on what you are doing and who you are being; to make conscious choices to be the best you can be and to realise your potential.


I am there to empower you to find your own answers, encouraging and supporting you on your path.


I reserve the right to use some humour and make it fun, interesting and sometimes a little bit weird.


How does individual Coaching work?

One of the cornerstones of the Co-Active Coaching model is that we focus on you – the whole person, not just one particular aspect of your life.


One of the best ways to start is with a Discovery Session - this creates the basis with which to tackle your important topics. In this session we look at the various dimensions of your life (what's working, what's not and where do you want change), as well as your values and what is helping and hindering you.

Then, with this basis, we take the topic(s) that are important to you and work with them to identify and evoke change.


In between our sessions you work on concrete actions to realise these changes in your life.


Duration and pricing

Coaching is as individual as you are. We will work together to agree a schedule that addresses your objectives. 


My mission is to empower you and for you to unlock your potential.  

When you have achieved what you want from the coaching then we are finished.


Complimentary Services

As an adjunct to my Coaching practice I can also

  • help you prepare for that important interview (CV, interview preparation)
  • help you develop your speaking and presentation skills    


Typically the best way to start is with an initial consultation where we get to know each other. The objective of this session is for you to be able to decide if coaching is the right thing for you right now, and also to make sure that we are a good fit.


This can also be an opportunity for you to learn about and experience coaching for yourself.




 Are you ready for the next step?                Do you want more information?               Do you want to book an initial consultation?