Each of us face challenges, for example


·      Finding work/life balance. We often wear many hats - sometimes it is really hard and even exhausting to be a good colleague, manager, mother, father, wife, husband, partner, daughter, son etc. We often judge ourselves harshly while we attempt to be superwoman or superman.


·      Creating your professional development path. Even in the 21st century many companies do not have diversity in senior management roles. As we transition from team lead to manager to senior management or from employee to independent professional or business owner we need to enhance our existing skills and learn new ones. We often don’t have the role models, mentors or sponsors who can assist us in finding our way, in getting ahead, in developing the required skills and becoming a recognised leader.


·      Finding your own voice within the workplace. Current research shows that having gender and other diversity helps businesses perform better. In order to participate fully, be recognised for our contributions and lead diverse teams, we may need to break out of our cultural and/or corporate norms. Faced with the challenges of office politics how do we react effectively? How do we create, grow and leverage a network that empowers us and supports us to flourish and develop?


·      We want to maintain our physical and mental health for example by eating healthy foods, exercising regularly, practising mindfulness and compassion, etc. We often know what would make us feel better, but finding the time and motivation can be a challenge.



As a woman who has worked in the corporate environment for over 35 years I have faced many of these challenges. I love working with everyone and anyone who wants to realise their potential and lead a fulfilled life.

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