What makes a good leader?            What makes a great leader?

Do you have the drive and desire to become a great leader?


As we progress in our careers we move into leadership roles, whether that is classical management and executive roles or thought leadership – our role is to provide the inspiration that takes us, our colleagues and our company to the next level.
Often people are promoted into these roles without fully understanding the different skill sets required to be successful. The so called “Peter Principle” where people rise to their level of incompetence can be seen in many organisations.  People fail simply because they do not recognise or develop the different skills required at the next level.
If you are reading this then I know you want to be different. You enjoy the challenge of learning and developing yourself and you are fully committed to being successful. You are self-aware and know that there are aspects of your leadership style that work well, and there are others that you would like to improve.
Coaching is a way of speeding up this process. Together we can step back from the day to day aspects of your role and focus on the larger picture – who do you want to be, how do you want to act, what is holding you back, where could you be more effective? From this metaview we can identify your areas of growth and then work through your priorities, creating a secure space where you can explore, try, fail, succeed and learn. Throughout I will hold you accountable for your progress.
My approach combines assessment and focussed, prioritised development in your key areas. It is tailored to your needs, wants and desires. You remain in the driver’s seat while I help you to navigate this new territory.

Leadership Domains

Self Management (EQ)

Self Management is the domain that deals with your emotional intelligence (EQ) - your ability to experience, identify and skilfully manage your personal emotions. This starts with an awareness of self and requires self-regulation, management of stress, building resilience and creating intentionality. This domain also covers the key values of honesty and authenticity as well as connecting to your own personal values - your Why.

This domain is the basis for all the other domains and your personal brand and reputation.


Relationship Management (SI) & (RSI)

Relationship Management is the domain that deals with your Social Intelligence (SI) - your ability to accurately read other peoples emotions and react appropriately and your Relationship Systems Intelligence (RSI) - your ability to ability to identify with and collaborate with groups, teams, communities and other social systems.

SI combined with EQ gives your ESI - your Emotional Social Intelligence - this is found to be a key determinant of your overall success.

This domain starts with your listening skills, on all levels. You are aware of the impact that you have on others. It is the clear intentionality to built trust and positivity with your customers, stakeholders, peers and those reporting above, to and below you. It is the understanding that an effective team can generate better results than an individual. 


Core Competencies

Core Competencies is the domain that covers the key skills, knowledge and results orientation needed to deliver great results and to be successful in most roles.

This covers key skills like time management, goal setting, written and spoken communication, as well as your orientation to deliver professional quality and meet your commitments. It also covers your subject matter expertise and knowledge.

Together with ESI and RSI this determines how well you will perform in any role.



This domain covers many of the key management skills. The ability to translate the organisation's vision into tactical and operational activities by understanding, communicating and delegating responsibilities and holding people accountable for them. It also includes providing constructive feedback to help people grow as well as managing performance issues. Another sub-domain is effective decision making. This domain focuses on the organisational and structural responsibilities of management.


Strategy and Innovation

This domain focuses on the strategic vision - where the organisation is now and its compelling vision for the future.



This domain builds on all the previous ones to add the all important leadership characteristics. Being a role model and from this serving mind-set creating a growth culture so that the individuals, teams and the organisation as a whole can realise their and its full potential. Ensuring that all communications is consistent and reinforces key messages and values to create alignment, buy-in and belonging.


The Approach:

The following approach combines self assessment with targetted coaching

  1. Baseline creation. The first step is to assess your current level across number of the key leadership domains. This can be done either by self-assessment or by self assessment combined with a 360 assessment (where we get input from your management, peers and those reporting to you).
  2. Review results and prioritise. In this step we review the results of your assessment – identifying which areas you are already strong in and where development is possible and desirable - you set the priorities – you decide which area(s) you wish to tackle and in which order.
  3. Coaching on leadership topics. In a series of sessions we work through your prioritised topics – through discussions, techniques and role playing we focus on how you want to be and what you want to do as you develop your skills. We also look at how well you are integrating the new skills – what was your experience between our sessions, what did you learn, what worked, what didn’t work. I’ll also point you at resources that will support your growth. Throughout I will support you and I will also challenge you by asking the hard questions.
  4. In between the sessions is where the work happens – this is where you “walk the talk” from the sessions – flexing your muscles with the new ways of acting and interacting, and integrating the learning, so that you become the leader that you want to be.
  5. Review. The last step is to re-do the assessment – here you’ll be able to see and celebrate how far you have come as well as to plan the next steps in your own development. 


The “Become a Better Leader” package comes in three variants


A: Leadership Basic: Self assessment + coaching


B: Leadership 360: Self assessment + 360 assessment + coaching

In addition to your own assessment we will conduct a 360 assessment in selected leadership domains involving your management, peers and people reporting to you. Feedback will be collected, anonymised where appropriate and the results consolidated for you.  Here you will be able to see how other people see you. Of course this can be challenging - it can also be a great source of insight into how you are perceived by others.


C: Leader and Team: Self assessment + 360 assessment + coaching + team coaching

The Leader and Team package has the same components as the 360 package and adds an additional dimension – coaching of you together with your team.  This approach takes into consideration the important fact that you do not lead in a vacuum – you are leading people – the changes that you are making will not be accepted or integrated if your team does not also adapt and grow. Change is challenging and can also be a source of fear, uncertainty and doubt. Through working with you as well as your team we can ensure that not only you, but also your team, develop. We will also address some of the fundamental team communication aspects.


Each of these packages can be customised to your unique requirements. How long it takes depends entirely on you – how many areas you want to focus on, and how committed you are to making real changes. After an initial conversation we can agree on a customised package including duration and cost.


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