Experience Embodied Coaching

What patterns are no longer serving you – in your relationships, work, health…?

Are you feeling blocked facing a complex decision?

Do you feel confident to speak up – is your voice being heard?

Are you stuck in procrastination?


We live in a cognitively biased society - AND the body has wisdom. Working with and through the body is a great way to see our patterns, and to make powerful choices about how we really want to be. We can challenge and, over time, reset those patterns that are no longer serving us - in our lives, our work, our relationships, our health….


As part of my continuing coach education I’m on a 9 month journey exploring Embodied Coaching through The Embodied Facilitator Course. I've been learning how to centre myself and learned more about my own patterns and preferences. I've taken myself out of my comfort zone to try various embodied forms including Improvisation, martial arts, dance and, of course, I've continued and deepened my yoga and meditation practices. Over this time I've done a lot of reflecting on what patterns and behaviours I want to stop, start or continue - what things make my life better, and very importantly - what I can do to support these choices. 


But all this development is not just for me. I'm learning how to work with and through the body with other people.


I’m offering you the chance to experience 45 minutes of embodied coaching for free or for a donation. We'll take a topic that you chose and combine conversation and gentle movement to create more clarity and choice through greater body awareness.


This offer is valid from now until the end of October for a limited number of places.