Special Offers

Women's Leadership Coaching

International Women's Day Special Offer

If you’re a woman and a leader, emerging leader or want to be one then I would love to work with you on developing your skills and confidence - helping you to get the recognition, salary and position that you deserve.


One of the things that I am passionate about is enabling healthy cultures within organisations and communities. And looking at the world today we can see that we desperately need more female and diverse leaders and role models.


To celebrate International Women's Day I'm offering a one on one  consultation to assess your leadership skills and identify your areas for growth - what you’ll need to be successful and satisfied in your career and life. This initial session is free and with no obligation. Whether or not you decide to continue with coaching this gives you a tailored prioritised list for your own development. 


The consultation will take 1 hour and can be done via zoom or onsite at my office in Munich.


This offer is available for the first 20 signups.