Today in the middle of exercising I met an inspiring group of young people.



I’m in the middle of preparing to do the Camino de Santiago – well just the last 140kms. I decided to do it as a challenge and an adventure. I’m now counting down the weeks and really looking forward to it. As part of my training I’ve added a hill climb into my daily jog – its not a particularly big hill – but it has a gorgeous view over my city. I’m still carrying a few extra pounds, so I’m working on creating a pace at which I can go up hills steadily – I am sure that I will enjoy hiking in the nearby Alps more when I can do it with more ease.


As I walk up the hill, I get passed by mountain bikers and some seriously fit runners, who seem to fly up it without pausing or even breathing hard. I reach the top at my own pace and take some deep breaths and admire the beautiful parks, churches and some of the other features of my city.  From here the Alps seem so close that I could walk there today, even though I know they’re further away. The air is clear and still. The sun is shining.


On my way down I encounter a group of about 30 school kids on their way up the hill. But these are no ordinary school kids - to me they are all extraordinary. Amongst them are about 8 in wheelchairs, and it seems that some of the others also have disabilities – but here they are all working together – some pushing the wheelchairs, others walking alongside and giving words of encouragement – all of them smiling, laughing. I feel inspired by the way that everyone is included – that each of them will be able to enjoy the lovely view - that no one is being left behind  - and I see the joy on all their faces. I feel that joy bubbling up in me.


I had damaged my knee badly and for a couple of years I could not climb stairs without pain, running was not possible.  I was finally referred to a specialist who helped me by working on the cause of my problem not the symptoms. I started a regular exerci

Today I feel lucky – I saw something that touched me at a deep level, that inspired me, that brought me joy.


I feel inspired when I see people following their dreams, taking on challenges, taking risks, when I see young adults working together to make good and great things happen. I also feel inspired by the beauty of nature and the magnificence of some of mankind’s creations.


And my questions to you are  


Who or what inspired you today? 

Who would you like to inspire?


With love



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