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May you live in interesting times is an old chinese saying - a blessing or a curse.


We are definitely living in interesting times, and that's why we all need to support each other.


I'm offering ways to help you Find Calm, Find Connection and Find Support.


To help you Find Calm, I'm providing 2 and 4 minute centering practices - something that you can do to calm yourself when you need it - it will help you think more clearly and reduce the feelings of stress or overwhelm.

To help you Find Connection, I am part of a global initiative, providing embodied circles - gentle activity, meditation and a chance to connect.

To help you Find Support, I am offering free 30 minutes sessions - I'll listen to you and help you find calm and your own solutions in this time of turmoil.


Stay Safe, Happy and Healthy.



Finding Calm

Centering Practice (ABC Centering)

The ABC centering technique is a way of centering or grounding yourself when you are feeling stressed. You can also use it as part of a regular mindfulness practice.


One of the advantages of this technique is that it can be done quickly, and with your eyes open. So, unlike many techniques where you need to physically remove yourself, it is something you can do right there and then when you need to restore your balance.


By practicing this regularly, as part a mindfulness practice, you will have it available as a tool to help you when you encounter difficult situations.


However, please do not do this while driving a car, operating heavy machinery or in any situation where a lack of attention could result in danger to you or others.


The technique is based on the work of Mark Walsh who is an Embodiment visionary. More information about him can be found on his website, his podcast, youtube, facebook and in his book Embodiment.


I have created 2 minute and 4 minute audios, so that you can pick and choose what best suits you or the situation.


This recordings and the downloads are free. If you want to make a donation you can do it to me via paypal or to your favourite charity. 


ABC Centering Introduction
ABC intro.aifc
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ABC Centering 2 Minutes
ABC 2 minute.aifc
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ABC Centering 4 Minutes
ABC 4 min.aifc
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Finding Connection



I'm part of a global community providing Online Embodiment Circles - to support wellbeing, learning and connection. These are free to all.


If you’d like to be with others in a pleasant virtual environment, reduce your stress, and move a little to support your health, they support this.


There are circles in different times and timezones as well as different languages.


Finding Support

I know a lot of people are feeling stressed and even overwhelmed. I'm offering a safe place to talk about whatever you want to. I'll listen to you, without judgement, and help you to find your own solutions to some of your most pressing problems.


Some of us are facing the challenge of trying to juggle work and kids. We may be worried about our parents and grandparents. We may be feeling lonely, scared, and uncertain about the future.  We may be worried about our businesses or our jobs. 


We may not know how best to take care of ourselves, and our families.


I'm offering one on one sessions. The session is free and with no obligation. It will last 30 minutes and will be done via zoom. 


What this is not:

- I am not offering advice or guidance. There is a lot of information available online.

- I am not a therapist. If you need medical support or therapy then please take the time to reach out for what you need.


This service is free. If you want to make a donation you can do it to me via paypal or to your favourite charity.