Leaving 2021 and Entering 2022 (visualisations).

These visualisations are about Processing and moving on from 2021 and exploring the possibilities that the new year offers.

Every year I go through the process of taking stock of the year that has passed and setting some intentions for the year ahead.


2021 has been another unprecedented year, following on from 2020. We‘ve seen political turmoil and change, wildfires and floods, losses and tragedies, as well as biotech breakthroughs, new ways of working and living, new hopes, changing focus and priorities, and countless heroes and heroines - all against the background of the pandemic.


Certainly a year of changes and challenges for each and every one of us. We have truly learned that we live in uncertain times.


I believe that we can build our own resilience and our ability to react skilfully to the future, by not ignoring the past but by processing it and taking the learnings.


This Year I am offering you two recordings – one to reflect on the past year. The second to prepare you for the year ahead.


The recordings are in the form of guided visualisations with space for self reflection.


There is both a video and an audio only version of both, so choose which is best for you.


Allow yourself time and space.


I suggest that you do the recordings on separate days.  Allow yourself to fully process each of them.

Maybe spend some time with someone you trust to discuss what the visualisation meant to you.




Please do not do this visualisation if you are driving, operating heavy machinery, or where a lack of attention could cause danger to you or others.


To prepare yourself you may wish to have a pen and paper ready to take notes.


You can pause the recording at any time.


And, if at any stage you feel that this visualisation is getting a bit too much for you or if you want to pause, then please pause the recording and maybe focus on breathing slowly into your belly. If you want to stop the recording and come back to it at another time, of course that is ok too.


You are in control here. Please do what feels right to you.

Leaving 2021


Entering 2022




Congratulations on having the courage to complete these visualisations.


I hope you found them useful.


If you want to, take some time to look at your notes. Maybe discuss them with someone you trust?

Ask yourself the following questions....

What insights have come from each visualisation?

What have you learned about yourself?

Are there any concrete actions that you would like to take as a result of these visualisations?


My Wishes for you in the Year Ahead




PS if you’d like to talk to me about this visualisation please contact me at chrys@levelupcoach.eu.



This visualisation was inspired by the CRR Global “Mansion” visualisation and the embodiment work of Mark Walsh.